Fujitsu Unvieled “Raku-Raku” – One-Touch Internet Access Cell Phone

Fujitsu today announced that its new Raku-Raku Phone 7 will be available in Japan beginning July 23, 2010, through sales partner NTT DOCOMO, INC.

The new Raku-Raku (meaning "easy-to-use" in Japanese) Phone 7 is designed to make the Internet more accessible to senior citizens by introducing a one-touch access button to the i-mode mobile Internet system. Users also have access to a special website with carefully selected travel and gourmet information tailored to the needs of senior citizens. This service is jointly offered with Nifty Corporation for no monthly fee.

Ever since its debut with the F671i model in September 2001, Fujitsu’s Raku-Raku Phone series has been extremely popular, selling over 17.8 million units as of June 30, 2010. While it remains popular, especially with senior citizens, most customers use it primarily for phone calls and e-mail, without taking advantage of other Internet services, such as i-mode. According to a recent Fujitsu study, as much as 53% of customers have expressed interest in using the Internet via their mobile phones.

The Raku-Raku Phone 7 is designed to do just that. The new model is equipped with the "Raku-Raku Site Button", which gives one-touch access to i-mode. In addition, without a monthly fee, users can also access the "Raku-Raku Japan Reports", a special website with seasonal travel and gourmet information tailored to the needs of senior citizens.

Other new features of the Raku-Raku Phone 7 include the upgraded smart camera with 8.1-megapixel resolution, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) for international roaming, and advanced human-sensing applications. The "Naoko Takahashi’s Walking Clinic" application featuring Japan’s Olympic gold medalist and former marathon runner, Ms. Naoko Takahashi, is designed to help senior citizens enjoy walking and stay fit.

The Raku-Raku Phone 7 includes a range of services and features that work with senior citizens, helping them move from basic use to full enjoyment of mobile phones.

Product Features:

Support for i-mode:

  • "Raku-Raku Site Button": By simply pressing the "Raku-Raku Site Button", users can easily access the Raku-Raku i-menu, which provides users with useful information such as the news, weather, and transit details.
  • "Raku-Raku Japan Reports": A special website for Raku-Raku Phone users, available under the Raku-Raku i-menu for no monthly fee. It features quality articles on subjects of interest to senior citizens, such as travel and cuisine, updated daily.
  • News window as digital photo frame : Placing the Raku-Raku Phone 7 in its holder activates the news window, which automatically displays a slideshow of photos stored on the mobile phone, acting as a digital photo frame.

8.1-megapixel Smart Camera:

  • Smile detector: This feature trips the shutter automatically when it detects that the subjects are smiling.
  • Automatic scene recognition: The camera automatically recognizes different scenes, such as landscapes, portraits, night scenes, and close-up shots, and changes shooting modes accordingly. It can also recognize QR (quick response) codes automatically.
  • High-sensitivity mode equivalent to ISO 12800: With a maximum sensitivity equivalent to ISO 12800, the camera can shoot in the dark and produce bright photos without blurring.
  • Finger-in-frame alarm: The camera automatically detects if the user’s finger is obscuring the lens, and immediately notifies the user by displaying an alert message on the screen.
  • Tracking focus: The tracking focus captures subjects in motion and is best-suited for photographing children and pets.

Easy-to-use features:

  • One-touch opening: The clamshell mobile phone can be opened easily with the touch of a button. When the mobile phone is ringing, pressing the button can open the phone while automatically answering it.
  • Voice input activation: To learn more about how to use the Raku-Raku Phone 7, search functions are divided into categories such as "contents," "search," and "keywords". The mobile phone also is equipped with a "speak and search" function that allows users to utter simple commands into the phone to conduct a variety of searches.



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