RedSky WiFi e911 Protect Enterprise WiFi Networks

Integrates with Aruba and Cisco WiFi networks to track phone locations, protect enterprise WiFi users

Organizations with mobile workers using WiFi phones on enterprise WiFi networks can now be protected with accurate, real-time, E911 protection. RedSky Technologies’ WiFi e911 is the first enterprise E911 solution to integrate seamlessly with leading WiFi networks from Aruba and Cisco to provide life-saving E911 capability.

The WiFi e911 software module runs on RedSky’s award-winning E911 Manager platform that provides comprehensive location management, notification, reporting, and 9-1-1 call routing for enterprises, higher education, large school districts and government agencies. E911 Manager is installed on a server in the enterprise and communicates with the WiFi network equipment using published APIs.

"WiFi e911 knocks down an important barrier that can delay an organizations’ move toward enterprise mobility," says Nick Maier, RedSky senior vice president. "Providing all enterprise network users with reliable, automated E911 protection is not only the law in many states but a corporate mandate in organizations throughout the country. WiFi e911 answers a growing market need for customers who wish to run voice on their WiFi network."

WiFi e911 takes advantage of APIs on the WiFi location controller to monitor real-time phone movement from one access point to another. When a phone moves, WiFi e911 updates its local database as well as the call server with the phone’s new location and emergency location identification number (ELIN). If a WiFi phone dials 9-1-1, the emergency dispatcher receives the phone call and the caller’s location based on the access point being used at the time of the call.

Enterprises using WiFi e911 can configure the software to update Regional ALI databases maintained by the local exchange carriers or to send location data to cloud-based 9-1-1 call routing services such as RedSky’s E911 Anywhere Network Services. Both options provide accurate, real-time location information in the event of a 9-1-1 emergency.


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