Lenovo Will Introduce LePad Android touch pad

The Chinese manufacturer, Lenovo, is preparing the introduction of a touch pad Android.

Intending, like other manufacturers, to take the advantage of the phenomenon of touch pads launched by Apple with its iPad model, which was passed to more than three million in the second quarter 2010, Lenovo is preparing the introduction of his own.

Christened LePad, a name which may also be asked to change it, the touch pad should work with the Android operating system in its version 3.0 Gingerbread, which is suitable for touch pads and expected in the last quarter of the year.

Apart from a launch to occur by the end of the year, without specifying the date and the relevant markets, we do not know much about it yet except that it will be compatible with 3G/Wi-Fi and provided with capacitive touchscreen, for use with your fingers then. So we have to wait another few months until we know more.


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