New Social Media and Mobile Features Updated to Omniture Powered Adobe Online Marketing Suite

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced new features and functionality have been added to the Adobe  Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture . These new features include advanced bid strategies for Facebook ads, image ad support for the Google Content Network to more easily create and deliver ads, real-time personalization of content for native Blackberry and Android mobile apps, as well as reporting and dashboarding enhancements. Additionally, all Omniture products will now feature Adobe branding and Omniture will transition to an ingredient brand (e.g. Adobe  SiteCatalyst , powered by Omniture ).

“Our focus remains on meeting customer needs and driving innovation into the Adobe Online Marketing Suite,” said Josh James, senior vice president and general manager, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe Systems Incorporated. “The suite, now bolstered by the resources available through Adobe, continues to resonate with existing and new customers. It is becoming the exception for online marketers to utilize Omniture technology for just online analytics. Our customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated marketers and many of them are adopting multiple solutions within the Online Marketing Suite that help them unlock the power of their data to drive conversion and optimize ad spend.”

With the latest release of Adobe  SearchCenter +, Adobe has made it easier for marketers to optimize Facebook ads and has included support for the Google Display Network:

Advanced bid strategies for Facebook ads

  • Adobe customers can utilize best-in-class analytics to identify and target high-performing customer segments on Facebook and automatically optimize the performance of their Facebook display campaigns based on any success metric, such as cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).
  • For example, Adobe customers can automatically update bid prices based on performance of the ad (as determined by conversion metrics), to maximize return on ad spend.

Image ad support for Google Display Network

  • Adobe SearchCenter + simplifies the management and creation of Google Image ads.
  • Import and storage of commonly used images allows advertisers to easily create and deliver image ads, which can save considerable time.

Optimization of Blackberry and Android mobile applications

  • Developers and marketers can now easily modify the content delivery and user experience of their Blackberry and Android mobile applications in real-time, directly from the Test&Target online interface.
  • This helps improve the effectiveness and performance of these mobile applications through A/B and multivariate testing, dynamic content targeting and audience segmentation.


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