Capcom announces Dead Rising: Case Zero release date

Described as a prologue to Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising: Case Zero has finally be dated by Capcom, broadcasting the same time the price will be played, as well as transfer opportunities to safeguard the future second phase of the series.

To prepare the release of Dead Rising 2 expected for next September 30 in Europe, Capcom has decided to meet prospective buyers of the Xbox 360 in concocting Dead Rising: Zero Case. True prologue to the second album, Box Zero takes place three years before Dead Rising 2. You have to check Chuck Greene, but the latter will be particularly pressed by events. Indeed, it has exactly noon to escape from Fortune City with her daughter and find Zombrex, a vaccine that will save its transformation into the undead.

Capcom has confirmed that Dead Rising: Zero Case will be available on Xbox Live from the August 31, of price 400 Microsoft Points, about $7. The publisher confirmed at the same time that the prestige points and other combo cards acquired in the prologue will be transferred on the Xbox 360.


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