LimeWire will block pirating

ONE OF the main P2P clients for Gnutella, LimeWire is to work out a way to block people sharing pirated content. According to Slyck news around three to five days ago, LimeWire developers began working on two new branches of the code, cc_reverify_interval-branch and cc-publish-branch.

The first branch will verify that every file shared has a license. If this is not the case, the file will not be shared. The second branch is for publishing one’s own work without a licence. If an individual shares an unlicensed MP3 file, the LimeWire client will display a message and block its distribution.

The move comes after the music industry wrote to LimeWire demanding that it stop encouraging people to use P2P to pirate software. The company has previously indicated that it could not stop the music industry after the recent Supreme Court ruling against the file sharing companies.


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