MSI Announces War Heroes Asia Cup

MSI, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products, has announced today they will open the MSI War Heroes Cup running in Asia. The competition will be held during the summer through China, Taiwan and South Asia.  Worldwide fan favorites real-time strategy games "DotA-All Star", "StarCraft: Brood Wars", "Company of Heroes" and "Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II" have been selected as the official game titles for competition. Participants from Asia will have the opportunity to prove their skills to defeat top-notch players like Junchun ‘Pj’ Sha from China, the champion of World Cyber Games, and earn gold medal supremacy. The winners will be presented with major prizes valued up to US$30,000.

"We are extremely excited to announce a gaming competition,” said Jason Lee, Marketing Director of MSI Computer. ” MSI continues to be the 1st choice for worldwide successful pro gamers. As we work to add new features to our products, we look forward to offer better gaming experience as delivered by the MSI flagship gaming products like the Big Bang-XPower motherboard.”

"DotaSG is glad to receive great support from main sponsor MSI to make War Heroes : Online DotA Tournament possible. Gathering sponsors support, we are able to bring quality online tournament event to our South Asia gamers.” said Thomas Lim Yong Kian, Marketing Director of DotaSG.” It will be a perfect platform for gamers in the region to interact and compete in this quality event, allowing us to further reach out to gamers beyond our shores. Thus, extend the exposure of ourselves, products and events to the South Asia regions.”






StarCraft: Brood War

01-31 July


*Company of Hero
*Warhammer 40K
07th Aug


South Asia

DotA-All Star

16 July

Big Bang-XPower: Unlock the Ultimate Gaming Weapon

The prizes available for the winners of the MSI War Heroes Cup are plentiful. You can look forward to prizes from premier companies such as Razer, Kingston and Cooler Master. The winners will also receive the flagship Big Bang gaming motherboards from MSI, featuring the powerful graphics performance and audio-realistic THX and Creative EAX audio technologies. With such top-notch gaming equipment, you will fight better, improve your skills faster, and give yourself an advantage on the competition. Join the battle of heroes now!


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