Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit images

Last year, Electronic Arts was able to restore excitement to the series Need For Speed, who knew at the time a sudden desertion.

Driven to change the formula and do something different, the U.S. giant has scared off the first hour fans who swear by the chases. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit has been developed in this direction, to allow developers to reconnect with lasting success and leave on good foundations.

By placing Criterion Games the helm of this site, EA has made one stone. The studio is internationally known for making the solid Burnout Paradise, a reputation that immediately reassure fans. They will eventually free to visit the County Seacrest composed of 160 km of paved roads.

Players will keep them busy, the presence of two factions will increase drastically the lifetime of the game most of the solo, the audience can bring order alongside fellow humans and earn valuable points experience useful to unlock vehicles and improvements.

Release date scheduled for November 19, 2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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