NetDragon Websoft Launches “TRANSFORMERS Online” PC game

NetDragon Websoft Inc., a leading online game developer and innovator in China, today announced that it has entered a brand licensing agreement with Hasbro, Inc., a worldwide leader in children’s and family leisure time products and services, for the exclusive rights to develop and publish in Asia, Russia/CIS and MENA an MMORPG based on Hasbro’s iconic TRANSFORMERS brand. The action-oriented PC online game "TRANSFORMERS Online" is expected to officially roll-out in 2011 in China as well as other select markets in Asia, MENA and Russia/CIS.

The TRANSFORMERS brand has garnered a worldwide fan base of millions due to the ideal worldview on which it is based, its ever-changing image, and its sustained promotion through toys, movies, TV shows, comics, and other consumer channels.

"NetDragon’s proven expertise at creating hugely successful MMOG’s, coupled with the passion they share for the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand, means we are thrilled to be entering into this license with them to deliver a truly ground-breaking MMO to fans in China and selected markets in Asia and Russia/CIS," said Mark Blecher, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Digital Media & Gaming at Hasbro.

NetDragon Chairman and Executive Director Liu Dejian expressed, "As a brand and a cultural icon, TRANSFORMERS is already a household name in China, and we are extremely honored to be able to join hands with Hasbro to bring the excitement and fanaticism of TRANSFORMERS into the online gaming sector. We firmly believe that through the hard work of NetDragon’s passionate and creative employees, we will be able to create a game that will stand the test of time for TRANSFORMERS fans and hobbyists around the globe."


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