Nintendo registers “Wii” name

A typo? No no, Nintendo does well to register the mark "Wii", and yes, it is now more than three years that this console is available for sale worldwide.

It is customary for some time to see Nintendo register names sometimes staying for purposes unknown to us (remember the "Zii"). Last May, the firm of Kyoto had even registered the marks "3DSWare" and "3DSPlay", among others such as "DSMusic" and "DSCinema".

One can imagine very well what some of these names mean, or will appoint, but if you learn today that Nintendo has recently registered the name "Wii", what would you think? But that’s what happened, and unfortunately, it is going to be very difficult to explain why and how of this case.

It set

First, reassure those concerned with the mental state leaders of Nintendo, Japan’s society was well registered the name "Wii" in 2006. But for some reason that escapes us, it does not have the brand. This has now changed his registration last Tuesday by the U.S. government, and little devils who enjoyed using the name "Wii" without permission from Nintendo will have to learn to be discreet.


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