Facebook Stock Market delayed for one year

The possible introduction of Facebook Stock Market could be delayed for one year, time to win and still growing number of users, according to a rumor after Bloomberg.

With its 500 million users claimed, the Facebook community network has long since become an international issue, barely restrained by issues of respect for privacy.

Investors now expect a Stock Market would give the company the means to continue its momentum. And if observers believe that this development will occur by 2011, Bloomberg suggests that it could be delayed to 2012.

The information is not sourced, but it suggests that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, would seek to take more weight and users before opening the capital of the company. However the same source notes that he has the means to start the operation at any time now.

Investors impatiently pacing
Facebook, which currently weigh around 25 billion dollars, will have to comply with the difficult year of publication of quarterly financial results, with the disturbances that can cause associated with the critical respect for privacy and use of personal data for commercial purposes.

Between the rise of competition, like Twitter, and legal concerns that could lead to investigations into the handling of personal data, through the challenge to the ownership of Facebook as a result of agreements made several years ago , to master the challenges are many.

While some investors have already acquired shares in private transactions, the Stock Market of Facebook is strongly encouraged by others, determined to participate in the growth of the community to better reap dividends later.


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