Windows 7 Phone to be launched in the third quarter of 2010

The new OS Windows 7 Phone to be launched during the third quarter of 2010, but yet still no specific date. According to Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft, the commercialization phase should begin in October for Europe.

When Windows 7 Phone will be launched, the mobile OS that Microsoft must raise in the field of smartphones and being able to compete with rivals such as Research in Motion, Apple or Google? The launch window scheduled date corresponds to the third quarter of 2010.

But Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO (Chief Operating Officer), recently clarified the time this phase of launch at a conference presentation of Windows Phone 7. It thus appears that the mobile OS should be launched in October in Europe and November in the United States.

The last chance for Microsoft in smartphones?

It will be remembered as the month of October was already the opportunity to announce the previous version of the OS, Windows Mobile 6.5. This was done early in October 2009, at a press conferencenheld at the Microsoft headquarters in Paris and in the presence of Steve Ballmer himself.

The timing is consistent with a launch that should make the most of the period of year-end, enabling the purchase of electronic gadgets. This should be accompanied by the announcement of several smartphones from various manufacturers including HTC, LG Electronics and Samsung.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO confirmed a conference given last week that there was no fallback in case of failure of Windows 7 Phone. However, the failure of Kin terminals in the first half did not help to restore confidence in mobile projects of the group.


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