Microsoft beats its record with 14 security bulletins for 36 vulnerabilities

The next round of patches will address 36 vulnerabilities that will cover all versions of Windows, several editions of Office, Internet Explorer, SQL, and Silverlight.

After one month of July, being pretty calm, Microsoft is preparing to broadcast 14 security bulletins for its next Patch Tuesday, scheduled Tuesday, August 10. A new record as recognized by the Redmond on his blog.

A new record

Not less than 36 vulnerabilities that will be corrected, eight are classified as "critical" because they can facilitate a takeover distance and seven are described as "important".

The list of Microsoft products is equally consistent: all versions of Windows, Office (except Office 2010) with editions in 2004 and 2008 for Mac, Internet Explorer, SQL, Silverlight, and finally 2 and 3. In addition, 7 of 14 patches require a system reboot.

Recall that earlier this week, Microsoft has already published a emergency patch to address the security flaw operator display shortcuts that affects all versions of Windows, including the latest, Windows 7.


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