Keynote Systems Highlighted in EMA Whitepaper on Importance of Performance Monitoring for SaaS and Cloud Computing

Keynote Systems, the global leader in solutions for continuously improving the Internet and mobile experience, was highlighted in a newly published whitepaper by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) entitled: "Why Web Performance Monitoring is More Than a Competitive Advantage for SaaS Providers." The paper focuses on the importance of effective Web performance monitoring solutions in the rapidly expanding market for SaaS-related services, particularly with regards to the increasingly popular and pervasive Cloud computing model. A copy of the report can be obtained at:

The report explains that for companies delivering Software as a Service (SaaS), or looking to adopt SaaS capabilities, effective Web performance monitoring can mean the difference between success and failure; the report also illustrates how Web performance monitoring can play a critical role in helping both SaaS providers and their customers better assess, optimize and plan for more efficient service delivery.

The EMA whitepaper highlights Keynote Systems’ expertise and broad range of capabilities for global performance monitoring of the end-user experience across the Web and Web 2.0 applications. Specifically, the report explains why Keynote, a SaaS pioneer itself, is an excellent resource for both SaaS providers and their customers in terms of both the value of the end-user performance monitoring data it is able to capture, as well as in the advanced reporting and alerting capabilities that it offers in support of a wide range of business roles, from IT and Operations, to Q&A teams, to Line of Business executives.

"Both SaaS providers and SaaS consumers need consistent and meaningful insights into how SaaS applications are performing," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. "And that requires versatile solutions that support multiple roles with appropriate levels of visualization and analysis. Keynote offers a richly functional and globally available solution that’s optimized for linking application service metrics with relevant business outcomes in support of decision making among a wide variety of well supported roles. As such it’s an excellent foundation for monitoring and sharing SaaS provider and client metrics."

With vast testing & monitoring capabilities (more than 3,000 measurement computers and mobile devices deployed in over 240 locations worldwide), the most accurate real browser Web monitoring service in the business to capture the true end-user experience, and the ability to monitor Web 2.0 applications, including Ajax, Flash and Silverlight, Keynote has become the leader in performance monitoring of SaaS and cloud applications and services. For a copy of the full EMA report please visit:

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