PhoneTell Announces Hard-to-Find Phone Numbers In Its Free Mobile App for Android Phones

Now Reach Support Resources Instantly

PhoneTell today announced that it has added hundreds of the most difficult, hard-to-find, buried-five-layers-deep and at the bottom of a web page in mouse-type numbers into its mobile application for Android phones.  Anyone with an Android phone can download PhoneTell free from the Android market or GetJar starting today.  Whether you’ve lost your luggage and need the 800# for the airline baggage claim or you’re trying to locate the customer service number for, Apple, PayPal, Toyota, MasterCard or Dell, PhoneTell instantly provides you the precise phone number to reach a real live person to solve your problem.

Launched earlier this year at TechCrunch Disrupt, PhoneTell expands phone number search  beyond your mobile phone address book, connecting you to your  "personal cloud" of contacts in Gmail, LinkedIn or, as well as contacts in the "public cloud" such as Yelp!, Yellow Pages, White Pages and Bing– all in one app.  PhoneTell instantly scours these data sources and with its patent-pending algorithms, searches, verifies, de-dupes and delivers ranked search matches instantly to your phone. And as of today, it also includes hundreds of the most difficult to find customer support numbers.   

"A lot of companies are going to be furious," said Chuck Martin, author of the upcoming book The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile. "Many businesses have built elaborate mazes of Web pages and countless hurdles preventing consumers from finding the phone number to reach an actual person live."

"PhoneTell has over 300 million phone numbers in our database—that’s more than anyone else," said Steve Larsen, CEO, PhoneTell.  "With the addition of these really hard-to-find numbers right on your mobile phone, we make it super fast and easy to reach just about anyone, anytime.  We’re the ultimate 411 for your phone – and we’re free."

"I’ve said before that PhoneTell makes smartphones smarter," said Michael Boland, Analyst and Program Director for BIA/Kelsey. "This takes it to another level in an environment where companies intentionally bury customer service numbers to reduce CSR overhead. Surfacing them fills a need that we can all associate with."

The new list of additional phone numbers is comprised of hard-to-find customer service numbers (e.g. Direct TV, Disneyland Resort, the Geek Squad, PayPal), unlisted numbers and national 1-800 numbers.  These are numbers that you can’t get by calling 411 and are impossible or nearly impossible to find on the Internet.  Some hard to find numbers included in PhoneTell:

  • Amazon Customer Service
  • American Airlines Baggage Claim
  • AOL Customer Service
  • Apple Customer Service
  • Ameritrade Customer Support
  • Bank of America Credit
  • eBay Customer Service
  • IRS – Individual Taxes


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