TradeSmarter announces ‘TS2’ Binary Options Trading platform

New customizations, API, highlighted in next-generation platform release

TradeSmarter Holdings is proud to announce the inauguration of its next-generation Binary Options Trading platform, TS2 (TradeSmarter Platform, Version 2). CTO Ron O’reilly said that TS2 was re-tooled with an emphasis on flexibility. He explained that in order to extend TS2 for individual customer needs, his team developed an API for advanced integration.

"The API that we’re launching will provide our partners with the ability to create their own front-end for the trading platform, using their own brand and theme," O’reilly explained. "This will empower them to implement a customized look and feel for their customers, while we, at TradeSmarter, do the heavy lifting as it regards the technology and future scalability. The API is cross-platform, so partners will be able use it for building social web applications, Flash applications, mobile applications, or even traditional desktop applications."

TradeSmarter has also opted to concentrate on expanding into international markets, by offering the most language and customization options in the business. TS2 currently supports 11 languages, with more to be added by fourth quarter 2010. To further support the expanding international customer base, TS2 also supports 56 trading assets, including currency pairs, commodities, popular international stocks and stock indices.

With the new technology offered by TS2, MarketPunter, a regulated Australian operator, in conjunction with TradeSmarter, is now offering a one-stop shop for customers who wish to set up their own white label binary options trading site with their own language and currency localization preferences.

TradeSmarter has also teamed up with the TS2-powered StartOptions to explore other kinds of partnerships as well. Through StartOptions Partners TradeSmarter is now offering IB’s and affiliates very competitive incentives to introduce traders to binary options.

"Through our partners, the platform can offer the fastest time-to-market in the industry," explained CEO Jonathan Leon. "TS2 is a fully inclusive turnkey solution with very quick setup and deployment. White Labels and IB’s start from day one with a complete system, ready to roll, all they need to add is their own customizations."

Leon added that anyone could take TS2 for a test drive at Users can make a demo account on the site, and trade real binary options, albeit with play money.


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