Logitech launches Wireless Combo MK520 keyboard/mouse

Logitech has launched its cordless keyboard/mouse, Wireless Combo MK520.

The Logitech Wireless Combo MK520 consists of a keyboard with curved buttons and silent, shortcut keys for multimedia, removable wrist  and legs with adjustable tilt, and a mouse design ambidextrous (left and right handed) with a Laser sensor, two buttons left and right click, a scroll wheel is clickable and vertical rubber coated to ensure a good grip.

Communication with the computer is established wirelessly through a transmitter/receiver plugged into a USB port, while the supply of all is provided by three AA batteries for a range of three years for the keyboard and a year for the mouse (by custom, of course).

The keyboard and mouse, Logitech Wireless combo MK520, is shown a little more $77 when compared on our prices. He enjoyed a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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