T-Mobile G2 Android phone and Samsung Cetus i917 Windows Phone 7

Failing to have a lot of information on new terminals on the verge of going out, Engadget reveals images of the Android T-Mobile G2 smartphone and the Samsung Cetus i917 under Windows Phone 7.

What will look like terminals in the back? For two of them, the veil is lifted gradually, through snapshots gleaned by Engadget. This is the first Android smartphone T-Mobile G2 that proves its forms and its sliding keyboard.

Just pre-announced in a teaser by T-Mobile USA, model T-Mobile G2 will therefore take over from the first Android smartphone market, the G1 (HTC Dream) which incorporates some elements.

It should possess similar characteristics of HTC Vision/ HTC Desire Z, namely a 3.7" display with 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen and a processor running at 1 GHz. His very appearance, especially the lower part, said his affiliation with the first Android HTC products. Its launch is expected in September.

Samsung Cetus Windows 7 Phone

The second terminal seen by Engadget none other than Samsung Cetus i917 which should be one of the first Windows Phone 7 smartphones of the Korean manufacturer. This model will be marketed by the U.S. operator AT&T.

It is already integrated with the database of the FCC and has passed the certification tests radio. It should have a display 4" AMOLED and its launch date is not known, although one can reasonably estimate that this should take place during the month of October 2010.


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