Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Images

Samsung staged a video for Galaxy Tab Android 2.2, with the official presentation that will take place at the IFA in Berlin on September 2.

Given the success of the iPad, the competition gradually unveils its products. The marketing teams of builders seized on the topic and organize the response. This is particularly the case with Samsung.

So after having posted  as a June first picture on Twitter, Samsung released a teaser video of just 20 seconds to present (obviously very briefly) the touch pad Galaxy Tab.

Screenshots can be seen (applications, mapping, messaging, Qwerty keyboard touch, calendar, IM, …), however, have provided a quick eye. This video is a promotional tool prior to an informative support.

Some information can be gleaned, especially relating to uses permitted by this 7-inch tablet in Android 2.2 and equipped with 512 MB of RAM and a Samsung processor running at 1 GHz Cortex A8.

The manufacturer puts forward support for augmented reality and the HD video, the ability to make video calls and also the character of its tablet laptop. One way to stand out from the iPad and its 10-inch screen, thus more cumbersome?

To obtain further details, we will have to wait until September 2. At that time, during the IFA to be held in Berlin, Samsung will officially submit the product for which we are still waiting to know the price and availability.


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