Facebook stops supporting Internet Explorer 6

To be so, Facebook, the social network’s most popular Net with its 500 million members has announced that it has stopped the support for the undead browser, Internet Explorer 6 that was released 9 years ago now: to optimize its instant messaging feature.

"Many of you have told us that sometimes, your chat session suffered disconnections or even stopped completely", conjures Rodrigo Schmidt, an engineer of the site, at the Facebook blog. "We are working hard to stop these interruptions, and provide you with a stable and constant connection, he adds." The biggest improvements came from changes that are not supported by older browsers. After evaluating alternatives, we decided to make rapid improvements, that means that we will no longer support Internet Explorer 6."

In other words, IE6 users will not have access to new service features on Facebook and they have advise them to go in a different browser before Sept. 15, when the update of the Chat will be almost done. The social network is far from being the first site to announce to no longer support Internet Explorer 6 for some key functions: YouTube and Gmail will have, among others.


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