Western Digital Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit released

Western Digital is diversifying even further by embarking on market powerline (BPL). If readers for multimedia exhibition are more or less interested for the heart of the business specialist in storage, complete powerline for its existing offer for example by providing such a device to connect to a network storage server (NAS) is now made easier.

The solution is "WD Livewire" that is nevertheless innovative because each box includes a hub with 4 RJ45 ports (an undetermined speed), in addition to the indispensable outlet that turns the power grid of housing computer network. These boxes support the HomePlug AV standard, guaranteeing a theoretical bandwidth of 200 Mbps, intended to broadcast high definition video through the current.

The WD AV Livewire Powerline Network Kit is for sale recently in the U.S. at a retail price of $140 excluding VAT, or about 130 euros TTC.



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