St Dorothy School Named as the Winner of Dell’s Connect Your Classroom Contest

Suburban K-8 School Wins $20,000 of Dell technology and consulting to revolutionize use of technology in classrooms.
School is voted favorite by online users with more than 20,000 votes at Dell’s Connect Your Classroom site.
School plans to integrate new technology into classrooms to improve student learning, engagement and retention

Dell announced the winner of its first Connect Your Classroom contest today. St. Dorothy School in Glendora, Calif., was voted in as winner and will receive $20,000 of new Dell technology and consulting to update the school’s classrooms and help improve student learning with technology.

The school was chosen as the winner from over 35 schools through an online voting process in which St. Dorothy School’s entry received more than 20,000 votes of support. Participating schools had to post a short video demonstrating why their school needed a technology upgrade. St. Dorothy School’s video, a clever Sherlock Holmes spoof of the “Case of Missing Technology,” shot in black and white, was highly engaging with voters. 

Dell will immediately consult with school administrators and teachers to formulate a plan for exactly what classroom technology is needed to reach their educational goals and have it installed during the fall semester so that St. Dorothy School students can quickly experience the benefits of the new technology. Early plans are for the incorporation of notebook computers and projectors in classrooms to help teachers more easily and effectively demonstrate lesson plans.

As the number one education provider, Dell is dedicated to helping schools improve education through the use of technology. Effective integration of technology can make education more efficient and less expensive, provide students access to the latest learning materials, connect students in the same way they connect with friends and family outside the classroom and provide teachers valuable tools to inspire students.

Mark Horan, VP Global Sales, Dell Education:
“We know that the Connect Your Classroom makeover at St. Dorothy School will make learning more interesting, more relevant and more fun for students. The Dell team is excited to work with the school to design a custom technology solution that students can begin to use right away.”

Carol Burke, Principal, St. Dorothy’s School:
"The Dell Connect Your Classroom contest prize will help St. Dorothy School reach its goal of updating technology and getting the children connected to the latest educational resources. The contest has provided St. Dorothy staff, students, families and the greater Glendora community with an opportunity to come together to make this dream possible for the children. We wish to thank everyone for their tremendous support."



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