Transcend Presents New Gadgets for Heading Back to School with Style

Transcend Information, Inc. proudly presents a selection of its popular consumer electronics for the back-to-school shopping season. Some of its best products include the JetFlash USB flash drives, the StoreJet portable hard drives, the digital music players and a versatile card reader, to make sure students are prepared with an arsenal of high-tech must haves for their academic year.

USB Flash Drives—JetFlash 500 & 530:
USB flash drives are the most popular portable data storage device today, not only because they are compact and lightweight but because they are also able to store more than any other conventional data storage media. For most students, saving files on a USB flash drive enables them to have easy access to their reports or programs regardless of what computer they are using. To make it convenient for them, Transcend’s black JetFlash 500 and white JetFlash 530 provide further benefits including a handy push-out USB connector. Moreover, the capless retractable design can protect the drive and its contents, making them one of the hottest gadgets that students will never get tired of using.

Portable Hard Drives—StoreJet 25D2 & 25D2-W:
For those who love to share their large personal collections of digital content such as music, videos, photos and documents, a fashionable yet rugged portable hard drive is all they need. Transcend’s black StoreJet 25D2 and white StoreJet 25D2-W combine a lustrous gloss finish with an advanced internal hard drive suspension system, striking a perfect balance between outward appearance and inner quality. Thanks to their multi-platform compatibility, both Windows and Mac users can carry and store their data with style.

Digital Music Players—MP330 & MP860:
Work smart, play hard! Transcend’s multi-functional MP330 and MP860 digital music players are designed for school work and limitless entertainment. They both feature a line-in function that can be used to record music from an external source. While the MP330 is equipped with a removable sport clip and functions as a USB flash drive, the MP860 is able to play MPEG4 SP(XVID) and FLV movies with excellent audio and video quality on its bright and colorful 2.4-inch high-resolution screen. With versatile functions, Transcend’s MP330 and MP860 are not only a great digital music player, but also a voice recorder, an entertainment gadget, and a language learning tool.

Card Reader—RDP7:

Ready to upload a whole summer’s memory? Transcend’s dual-purpose RDP7 combines a versatile multi-card reader with a useful 3-port USB hub. It not only bridges the gap between PCs and memory card-equipped electronic gadgets like mobile phones, digital cameras or MP3 players, but also allows students to connect multiple peripherals, such as a USB mouse, flash drive, webcam or printer to their computer. The RDP7 offers a free download of Photo Recovery Tool. With just a few mouse clicks, users can easily recover their precious documents, videos, spreadsheets, music, and virtually any other type of digital file.



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