Oracle Brings In Admission Applications Web Services Intended For Peoplesoft Enterprise Campus Solutions

Open Systems: Third Feature Pack Enhances Higher Education Student Application Processes.

News Facts:

  • To help higher education institutions effectively manage extensive and diverse admissions application processes, Oracle has launched a new feature pack as a part of its Continuous Delivery Model for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions.
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.0 Feature Pack 3 includes Admission Applications Web Services (AAWS) which enable an online admissions application process with self-service capabilities for prospective students and administrators. AAWS enhance the service-oriented architecture (SOA) of Campus Solutions by providing more configurability and flexibility for higher education institutions.
  • This edition follows the release of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.0 Feature Pack 2 which enhanced institution relations with both students and prospective students by fully integrating the Campus Solutions suite with PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 9.1 for Higher Education and providing integration support for Campus Solutions Student Financials with Oracle E-Business Suite Financials.
  • The Continuous Delivery Model of Campus Solutions enables higher education institutions to avoid disruptive major upgrades by delivering periodic application Feature Packs that provide new functionality to meet immediate needs.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.0 Feature Pack 3 Details:

  • Using AAWS, institutions can construct and deploy online applications while taking advantage of the integration and interoperability offered by Web services. Once assigned a unique user name, applicants can enter important information such as personal data, intended academic area of study or residency while being able to save their progress and return any number of times until they have completed their work and are ready to submit. Subsequently, administrators can view, manage application data and track the progress of all active admission applications.
  • Considering the variability of admissions applications throughout the world, AAWS provide institutions with the flexibility to select and customize online data entry to fit their needs. By having complete control over the format and composition of the application, institutions can incorporate their unique admissions criteria – down to particular colleges or programs – into the admissions database.
  • Because PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions with Feature Pack 3 has self-service capabilities, it is critical to prevent duplicate data entry, which could occur as so many prospective students have access to the system. Configuration options delivered with AAWS allow for automatic search/match processing every time a user saves or submits an admissions application, significantly reducing the chance of duplicates.
  • As a part of the admissions process, institutions typically receive multiple types of information about an applicant from external sources. AAWS are formatted to move multiple data records from any external file into the Campus Solutions database, regardless of the type of system or source, reducing the administrative burden of converting information. For instance, institutions can easily import their applicants’ standardized test scores into the admissions database.

Supporting Quotes:

  • “After reviewing Admission Applications Web Services as part of Feature Pack 3 for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions, I believe using AAWS will enable us to improve our ability to provide online admission applications, streamlining all processes involved,” said Debbie Littlefield, senior assistant dean of admissions, Marquette University.
  • “Feature Pack 3 for PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions will enable higher education institutions to make online application processes much more dynamic and provide applicants with access to the system more quickly,” said Jason McIntyre, business analyst, student business solutions, The Australian National University.
  • “Oracle’s Admission Applications Web Services will provide higher education institutions with a very good platform on which to build an applications system, while delivering a good return on our investment in other Oracle and PeopleSoft products and support staff,” said Ian Holmes, senior manager, student records product advisory group and SI-net projects, University of Queensland.
  • “In many ways, the application process is the first impression an institution makes on a potential student. It is vital for schools to demonstrate a streamlined process that is easy to use from an applicant standpoint and easy to manage from an institution standpoint. Feature Pack 3 and Admission Applications Web Services provide the flexibility to customize the admissions process to an institution’s needs while delivering the tools to organize an abundance of data efficiently, helping schools recruit the best students possible,” said Mark Armstrong, vice president, Oracle Higher Education.


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