HP Announced Virtualized Storage Services on the way to advance Data Management for Clients

HP Enterprise Services today announced a new storage management capability that helps clients better organize and manage the explosion of digitized data to gain superior control of their information while improving asset utilization.

The HP Virtualized Storage Service (VSS) can save clients up to 30 percent in costs by maximizing utilization and moving appropriate data to less expensive storage tiers.

HP VSS manages data and improves efficiency through thin provisioning and data tiering:

  • Thin provisioning taps unused storage space within a network and creates a pool that each storage instance can use. By pooling together available storage space, clients can maximize the utilization of storage assets to keep costs in check.
  • Data tiering helps clients eliminate downtime and more efficiently store critical data by allowing them to move data based on its priority from one tier to another without an outage.

The advanced capabilities of HP VSS can be accessed via HP data center facilities or in-house systems with HP Enterprise Services remote service capacities. Using HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array systems and the XP line of software in tandem with HP VSS allows clients to benefit from the latest storage technology without the risks and time investment involved in an in-house, client-led deployment.

“As virtualization moves to new areas in the data center, clients are beginning to realize its improved performance and cost benefits when applied to data,” said Jeff Moyer, director, Storage Services, HP Enterprise Services. “HP VSS is uniquely positioned to bring storage flexibility and elasticity to a client’s infrastructure by allowing storage to be continually optimized as the business value of aging data changes over time.”

More information about HP Storage Management Services is available at https://h10134.www1.hp.com/services/storagemanagement/.



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