Acer Introduced Gorilla Glass Powered AT4285 LED for Ultimate Protection

Beginning today, television will never be the same. Television has just joined a new generation. And Acer is ready.
From pure and simple devices for home entertainment, TV is evolving into a product that is much more complete from a functional point of view.

The new line of Acer AT85 televisions was developed precisely to meet the needs of demanding users who want nothing but the best. The 42” LED backlit 100 Hz screen with Full HD (resolution 1920×1080) is a real pleasure for the eyes, both in terms of visuals and aesthetics. Featuring a modern minimalist design with clean lines, it combines different materials such as metal and Plexiglass, according to the latest design trends. A masterful mix of steel and see-through effects, solidity and lightness.

Also the display is a masterpiece. For its top class product Acer used top materials, such as the Gorilla Glass, a special protective glass extremely resistant – anti shock and anti scratch- that will assure a total protection from any disaster.

Outstanding style:
The Acer AT4285 was designed to adapt perfectly to any setting and easily become the focal point, thanks to its linear form, its monochromatic good looks, and an ultra-thin silhouette.

Available in basic colours, the AT85 series also comes equipped with a smooth black screen enriched with a brushed metal frame above and below to guarantee viewing with no visual disturbance whatsoever. Design enthusiasts will be immediately won over by this television that, thanks to its transparent pedestal, seems magically floated in the air. A warm blue light glows within to elegantly but discretely signal turning on without ever disturbing viewing, while creating a fascinating contrast of lights with the metal base. The transparency even extends to the base and is paired with a metallic part to grant a touch of pure class. Obviously the base can be removed for those who prefer to hang it on the wall.

Nothing is left to chance, as even the back is beautifully smooth and clean, thanks to the integrated cable storage compartment, guaranteeing that everything is kept neat and tidy.

Far beyond perfection in HD:

  • Back-lit LED for incomparable viewing
  • Acer InfiniContrast: for infinitely realistic images
  • Full HD Resolution
  • DVB HD, DVB-C, CI+ Support
  • 100 Hz: absolute purity and perfection
  • 24p frame rate for perfect cinematographic viewing
  • Comb filter: to eliminate fluttering of the images
  • PVR: so you’ll never miss your favourite programmes
  • Connectivity via HDMI

Real images:

The AT4285 boasts a 42” sustainable backlit LED display with low energy consumption (savings of up to 68%). Thanks to InfiniContrast, viewers can enjoy surprisingly realistic images and drastic improvement in contrast and detail, especially in darker and brighter scenes, thereby offering increased image quality.

Top-quality viewing:

The 100 Hz frequency reduces the shadow effect to render images more fluid and clear. The AT85 series also supports 16:9 format, ideal for watching films, eliminating black bands while enjoying a real home theater. The 24p image speed preserves the original quality of films for a truly cinematographic experience while the 3D Comb Filtering eliminates fluttering for more realistic colours.

Dedicated to multimedia:

One of the strong points of new Acer TV models lies in their multimedia functions:

  • the USB multimedia player for mp3s and JPGs enables users to listen to music and look at photographs directly on their television while seated comfortably on their sofa at home;
  • if you can’t manage to watch the films you love on TV, Acer allows you to record your favourite programmes either via the integrated PVR (personal video recorder) or by connecting an external hard drive to the USB port. Furthermore, thanks to the Time-shift function, it is possible to pause films and then pick up again from where you left off.
  • the HDMI port allows you to connect the TV to all devices with the HDMI function, like your smartphone, videogame console, or PCs. Moreover, it guarantees exceptional high-definition viewing and top-quality un-compressed videos.

The AT85 family will be available in the shops starting end of October and in 2011 will be joined by a version featuring a 32” display.



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