Akai unveil AM-40K micro hi-fi speaker

The Akai has unveiled a new micro hi-fi in the reference AM-40K.

At first glance, this micro hi-fi has a nice finish with a mixture of metallic silver and black for the three elements that compose it and a blue backlight for the volume control knob and LCD.

Then the technical side, it offers an output power of 2 x 4 Watts RMS to stream audio CDs/MP3 CDs, tapes stations AM/FM, MP3 songs from all storage media connected to its USB 2.0 port (HDD external USB drive or digital music player) and stream audio from any device connected to its input 3.5 mm (computer, CD player or cell phone).

Finally, it incorporates an alarm clock with a wake to music and comes with a multifunction remote control.

Remember $91 for this micro hi-fi has been by asigned Akai.


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