Logitech unveils M570 wireless mouse

Logitech has unveiled a new device for computer.

Marketed under reference M570, it is a pointing device with wireless connection established on 10 meters through a nano-emitter/receiver with USB.

No optical or laser sensors here, since this is not a mouse but a trackball, and will therefore have to roll a big ball on her own to move the cursor on the screen. It has two click buttons on left and right, a central scrolling wheel and two buttons for navigation (page up and page down when surfing the Internet for example).

The device is powered with a AA battery for up to 18 months of battery life, depending on conditions of use, of course.

Boasting a manufacturer’s warranty of three years, wireless trackball is available at $ 92. Some also notice the great effect of exchange with a product for $ 59.99 on the U.S. site.


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