Fujitsu Lifts Its Computing Performance Bar With Updated Portfolio Of Lifebook Pc Featuring The Intel Core Processor Family

Computing mobility as we know it will never be the same again with Fujitsu’s latest LIFEBOOK PC with the Intel Core processor family. Faster and more efficient than ever before, Fujitsu delivers unprecedented levels of performance and productivity to meet the personal computing needs of every LIFEBOOK user.

Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today unveils its refreshed LIFEBOOK range, each one offering an array of enhanced user-centric features and unmatched mobile computing performance. Powered by the Intel Core processor family, the updated LIFEBOOK models are a true computing companion with designs that complement varying lifestyles and features that fulfil the needs of both consumers and corporate users.

“We recognize that in today’s digital society, notebook users require more speed, power and efficiency in order to cope with resource-hungry applications. Our LIFEBOOK PCs, which feature the latest Intel CoreTM processor family, are created not only to meet those needs but to exceed users’ expectations. As a rule, we have always strived to push the boundaries when it comes to innovation to ensure that we are one step ahead of notebook users’ demands. That is the core philosophy behind all Fujitsu products,” explains Mr Lim Teck Sin, Director of Product Marketing, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Ltd.

Always on the quest for computing perfection, Fujitsu PC closely collaborates with innovation leaders to develop cutting-edge technologies and products. With its upgraded LIFEBOOK PC, Fujitsu PC proudly presents the results of its latest partnership with Intel.

“Together with Fujitsu’s innovative and stylish form factors, these LIFEBOOK notebooks powered by the mobile Intel Core processor family provide consumers with the platform performance, graphics and battery life capabilities that they have come to expect with their laptops,” said Mr David McCloskey, Director, Platform Marketing and Business Operations Intel Asia Pacific.

Fujitsu remains firmly committed to the promotion of a cleaner environment and complies with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) across its entire range of products. In addition, Fujitsu has established a set of commitments that goes beyond RoHS requirements, thus allowing it to stay keenly focused on its customers’ health and well-being as well as to embrace a healthier environment for all. By adopting a green factory concept and being committed to the cause of energy-efficient computing, Fujitsu also fights to sustain the Earth as a sponsor and a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Fujitsu this year, a new brand promise ‘shaping tomorrow with you’ is introduced to embody Fujitsu’s focus in building a flourishing future with customers through the best computing products and services. As a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions in the global marketplace, Fujitsu exemplified “One Fujitsu” by the unification of Fujitsu’s personal computer lineup into the acclaimed LIFEBOOK notebook and energy-efficient ESPRIMO desktop series, assuring customers alike of Fujitsu’s consistently high levels of customer-centric support and service worldwide.



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