Electronic Arts And Casio Teamed Up To Offer Students With The Ultimate Study Break

College Rep Program Brings Life-Size Gaming to Campuses with Casio’s GREEN SLIM Projector .

As students head back to college and prepare for new class schedules, impending exams and declaration of a major, they face many exciting challenges – some more fun than others! Electronic Arts (EA) offers college students a chance to escape their daily routines through the College Rep Program, which is comprised of on-campus events designed to integrate EA video games into the college lifestyle. EA has enrolled Casio America, Inc. in the 2010-2011 program as a partner and will utilize its GREEN SLIM Projectors at participating campuses across the country, introducing a large-screen, life-size gaming experience for students. The new display will change the way students game, making projection the standard for high quality, interactive gaming. 

This upcoming school year, EA and Casio invite students to play hard after spending their days in the classroom. The EA College Rep Program consists of college brand ambassadors from across the country that rewards loyal fans and customers with an interactive hands-on look at new and exciting video games. It invites consumers to play along with EA representatives and expect the unexpected from EA’s latest releases and  includes a virtual football tournament which is comprised of students competing online for a chance to win unique prizes from EA. With Casio’s help, students will enjoy a unique gaming experience. Capable of displaying high-definition images up to 300 inches, Casio’s GREEN SLIM Projectors provide a high-powered gaming experience without breaking the bank.

“Casio is thrilled to once again team up with EA to showcase the benefits of gaming with GREEN SLIM Projectors,” said Frank Romeo, vice president of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “Gamers are constantly looking to create the perfect conditions to enjoy their high- definition games. The GREEN SLIM’s portability and giant display can take one’s battle anywhere while also providing a realistic experience that makes gamers truly feel like they are part of the action.”

GREEN SLIM Projectors are the ideal accessory for college gamers as the benefits are endless. Comparable in price to a 32-inch, flat-screen TV, GREEN SLIM Projectors can produce images larger than 100 inches, giving users the lowest cost-per-inch of any high-definition video display. Gamers will not have to worry about lamp replacements or maintenance fees either! For the gamers who enjoy taking the fun on the road, the thin and lightweight projectors can easily be slipped into a backpack, allowing for large-screen gaming wherever they go.

“The EA College Rep Program is excited to be working with Casio and its GREEN SLIM Projectors,” said Summer Bradley, team manager, director of EA College Rep Program. “The GREEN SLIM Projector is great way to enhance video gaming and is a perfect fit for our competitive events on campus this year.”

Casio’s GREEN SLIM Projector line first gained attention at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), boasting the first mercury-free, laser and LED hybrid light source capable of high-brightness projection, making the product eco-friendly, cost-efficient and maintenance free. The company then introduced the ultimate visual display for gamers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), allowing gamers to experience larger-than-life displays of popular EA games such as Need for Speed, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and others, on Microsoft XBOX 360, Sony Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii gaming consoles. Casio also showcased EA Sports’ highly-anticipated MMA 2010 in amazing, life-like detail using the GREEN SLIM Projector at its E3 booth.

GREEN SLIM Projectors offer an affordable alternative to higher-priced, high-definition televisions. Developed under the company’s “clean and green” concept, the projectors eliminate the need for mercury lamps and replace it with a long-life, solid-state light source. The light source will provide up to 20,000 hours – five hours per day for 11 years – of gaming enjoyment, allowing consumers to spend money on games rather than lamps. GREEN SLIM Projectors are virtually maintenance-free which saves time, money and the environment. Compatible with all game consoles*, GREEN SLIM Projectors are easy-to-use, lightweight and portable – perfect for the dorm room or fraternity and sorority houses. 

Earlier this month, the GREEN SLIM Projector line was awarded a Buckaroo Award from Pacific Media Associates, in the “Alternative Illumination Technologies” category. The GREEN SLIM family was recognized for the development of its unique hybrid LED/laser light source. The Buckaroo Awards recognize products at the forefront of projection technology by enabling projection of attractive images in a broad range of situations.

For additional information on the GREEN SLIM Projector line, visit www.GreenSlimProjector.com.



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