EASEUS Software Expands Data Recovery Software Market with OEM Model

EASEUS Software, a leading
provider of data recovery, partition manager and backup utilities, finds great
success with their OEM model. Since it introduced OEM as one of its cooperative
ways for its data recovery software, the company has successfully expanded its
data recovery software market with partners.

The company has asked developers and start-ups: Are you looking for new ways
to generate revenue and new products to complement your existing business line
at the same time? Or you are finding a way to make your products stand out from
the pack? The OEM model offered with EASEUS’ Data Recovery Software, letting
both hardware and software vendors integrate its data recovery technologies into
their products, proves to be a successful method of cooperation and can also
strengthen business offerings.

And you may know, EASEUS Software is among only a few professional data
recovery software vendors that are taking the OEM model approach, and the
company shares its unparalleled data recovery technologies with partners to
improve their product value and customer satisfaction.

So far, major technology companies have incorporated EASEUS software into
many different offerings, including:

  • Anti-virus and security suites
  • Computer hardware bundles
  • Relicensed products
  • Storage media products
  • Bundled software and services.

These are the main ways companies have leveraged the OEM offering:

  • Republished and rebranded – integrated EASEUS data recovery technologies
    into their existing product portfolios to generate significant additional
  • Included it in system builds – increase the value of solutions and gain more
    access to customers.
  • Bundled with software or hardware – bundle with hardware or software
    products to provide a comprehensive solutions for clients.  

EASEUS Data Recovery Software is boasting about its deleted file recovery,
format recovery, partition recovery and raw recovery solutions – that work from
almost all kinds of storage media – and this is a unique opportunity to have
ownership while strengthening your product line.

Additionally, EASEUS Software offers varied levels of cooperation such as
source code sales, Reseller/Distributor, Affiliate Program and Service Provider.


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