Messagemind announces smart email prioritization technology for all smartphone

Enterprise Users of MS Outlook and Exchange To Get Messagemind Email Prioritization On Any Mobile Platform

Messagemind, Inc., a leading provider of email overload solutions for the enterprise, today announced that its smart email prioritization technology, currently in production for enterprise users of MS Outlook and MS Exchange, will be available across all mobile platforms in Q1 2011.  Google recently launched beta mobile email prioritization functionality for its Gmail users, but limited to only Android devices.

Messagemind’s mobile Dynamic Prioritization technology will integrate seamlessly with Exchange ActiveSync, and intuitively prioritize and organize email communications for mobile device users across the enterprise.

Corporate users receive a tremendous volume of work related email, and their priorities change on a moments notice. While Google’s analysis simply marks an email as important or not, Messagemind’s technology provides five levels of priority – Very High, High, Medium, Low and Someday – helping these high volume users better manage their time.  Emails and actions organized by priority are then displayed within Outlook as well as mobile devices.

Google Priority Inbox is limited to an individual’s email behavior, while Messagemind’s technology not only learns from individuals, but also the collective behavior of groups across the enterprise – as well as the enterprise as a whole. Messagemind’s algorithms constantly learn from user behavior regardless of their location– desktop, browser or mobile devices – and uses this feedback to automatically rank email with a high degree of prioritization accuracy. This allows individual users benefit from the collective knowledge of their colleagues, and vice versa. Companies have the option to easily implement business policies, such as communications protocols, around important clients or projects marked as high priority which will appear within employee mailboxes and mobile devices.

Messagemind’s technology suite also provides ‘business intelligence’ in the form of performance metrics and knowledge network mapping. This allows enterprises to track the flow of critical information and identify opportunities – whether for new revenue creation or cost savings – otherwise buried within company email correspondence.

"Businesses are increasingly using a variety of smart phones, so viable enterprise messaging solutions must offer multi-platform support in order to realistically be adopted by corporations. Messagemind is addressing this real-world need by making its mobile email prioritization technology available to a broader base of devices than any other solutions support," said Manish Sood, CEO Messagemind. "Google’s privacy controls pertaining to the protection of user’s sensitive behavior remains to be seen, and that is a risk most global companies cannot afford to take today. In addition to more sophisticated email prioritization and business intelligence capabilities, we feel Messagemind’s extensive privacy and security controls will attract Android corporate users to our enterprise-class solution."


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