Nokia unveils plans for Symbian ^ 3 smartphones

The Nokia World event was important for Nokia, which badly needed boost its communication and unveil its plans around Symbian ^ 3. Four terminals, new opportunities for application developers and a strong desire for revenge characterize this issue.

After the rout of the connecting lounge MWC 2010 in Barcelona in February, where Nokia has presented no new terminal and made an announcement on MeeGo minimalist, lounge Nokia World 2010 was of particular importance at the time of the launch of Symbian ^ 3, the open source version of its mobile operating system.

Further enhanced by important changes in the leadership group, announced a few days before the event. This has also enabled Nokia to launch a strong signal on the shift that the group wishes to operate in the field of high-end smartphones.

To support the launch of Symbian ^ 3, and since MeeGo was not honored, four smartphones will be launched before the end of the year, with the backbone of the strategy Nokia N8, announced in April 2010 but only available in a few weeks.

At his side, three new smartphones: Nokia E7, C6 and C7, which covers a broad spectrum, from professional to amateur social networks without unnecessary duplication terminals.


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