MSI Introduces 0.4ns GDDR5 Memory Packed With N460GTX HAWK “Talon Attack”

Default Clock Speed 810/3900 MHz; 3DMark Vantage Surpasses GTX 470 in Performance!

Following the launch of the N460GTX Hawk, MSI, the world-renowned graphics card and motherboard manufacturer, is now proud to introduce its newest graphics card, the N460GTX HAWK "Talon Attack." Thanks to its excellent overclocking ability, 7+1 phase power design, and unparalleled cooling function provided by the Twin Frozr II thermal design, the new Talon Attack has already garnered unanimous praise from media outlets around the world and won numerous best product and performance awards in group testing. In addition to retaining all of the original features from the N460GTX HAWK, the new model comes equipped with 0.4ns GDDR5 super-high speed graphics memory chips and has also increased the default GPU and memory clock speeds to 810/3900 MHz. In 3DMark Vantage benchmark results, its performance surpasses the reference GeForce GTX 470. Hard-core gamers who are looking for the most extreme game performance should not miss out on this latest graphics gem from MSI!

Equipped with 0.4ns GDDR5 Graphics Memory and Super-High Default 810/3900 MHz Clock Speeds:
MSI’s N460GTX HAWK Talon Attack graphics card comes equipped with 0.4ns GDDR5 super-high speed graphics memory and has enhanced default clock speeds of 810/3900 MHz (780/3600 MHz in the original N460GTX HAWK). In 3DMark Vantage benchmark results, its performance surpasses that of the reference GeForce GTX 470, and with MSI’s exclusive Afterburner (V2.0.0) overclocking software, triple over-voltage function is supported, which includes the GPU, memory, and PLL voltage. Equipped with the 0.4ns GDDR5 high-speed graphics memory, full overclocking potential can now be achieved! In addition to voltage adjustment, a simple multimeter can be used to measure all voltage conditions through the “V-Check Points”, thus giving users access to all of the overclocking information they need at any time. Overclocking has now become easier!

7 +1 Phase PWM Design and APS (Active Phase Switching) Technology:

Compared with the 4+1 phase PWM power supply design of similar graphics cards on the market, which provide up to a maximum of 90A, the N460GTX HAWK Talon Attack graphics card not only supplies the graphics core with a sufficient current level of 120A—an additional 30A—but also provides stability for overclocking applications to allow the card to reach its full performance potential. The built-in hardware-based APS active phase switching technology regulates the number of phases and energy savings based on the workload of the graphics display core, thus simultaneously maintaining high performance while lowering power consumption.

Exclusive Twin Frozr II Dual-Fan Thermal Design:

MSI’s exclusive Twin Frozr II thermal design is strapped with two large 8cm fans, four heat-pipes equipped with SuperPipe technology, and a large-surface nickel-plated copper cooling base. This means that heat will escape more quickly and efficiently. Compared with reference board designs, the MSI model not only lowers core temperatures by 18°C, but also reduces noise levels by 8.1dB, providing users with a much quieter and more pleasant computing environment along with lower temperatures.

High quality Military Class Components:

In addition to adopting all-solid capacitors to enhance overclocking efficiency and high-load states, the N460GTX HAWK Talon Attack graphics card utilizes, for the first time, SFC (Super Ferrite Choke), which not only improves overall performance by 10% but also increases maximum output current by 30%. The new model also adopts the Hi-c CAP with a tantalum-core to enhance the GPU’s power supply, thereby improving both overall lifespan of the graphics card and the stability of the GPU.



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