Transcend’s Firmware Update Tool Offers Smooth Listening Experience and Enjoyable

Dedicated to providing better service, Transcend Information Inc., a worldwide leader in memory and storage products, is now offering a free download of its Music Player Firmware Update Tool, following the release of its highly esteemed Photo Recovery Tool. The exclusive Firmware Update Tool features an extremely user-friendly interface, which allows quick and easy firmware updates that can be comfortably done at home.

Just like an old computer that slows down after years of use can get repaired through reinstallation, a digital music player can take full advantage of a firmware update to make it operate smoothly again. Transcend’s Music Player Firmware Update Tool is designed to repair most operating problems, such as unexpected failure to read stored files, or sudden inability to record. When that happens, all users have to do is download the firmware update tool for instant recovery, which is conveniently located on Transcend’s official website.

To perform the update, users simply have to plug in the music player and follow the instructions after installation. The firmware update tool will automatically detect the player’s model before completing the procedure. Once the update is down, the music player will function like a brand new one.

Transcend is now offering a complete line-up of Digital Music Players, including Full Color Display series (MP860 and MP850) and Mono/Duo-color Series (MP650, MP330 and MP320). Featuring superb sound quality, a stylish design, versatile bonus features, and the newly released Music Player Firmware Update Tool, Transcend’s Digital Music Players are the most reliable and worthy choice for today’s music enthusiasts.



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