Transcend’s RamTweak Memory Monitoring Tool Helps You Tune Your System to Perfection

Transcend Information Inc.), a worldwide leader in memory and storage products, today introduced its ground-breaking new RamTweak software that allows overclocking enthusiasts to monitor the speed and temperature of their memory in real time. The innovative memory monitor tool has been created exclusively for Transcend aXeRam Extreme Performance memory modules, giving aXeRam users the ability to unleash the true power of their system.

Heat dissipation plays the most important role in overclocking performance, as components running at higher-than-normal clock speeds usually consume a lot of power and generate excess heat that can easily cause system failure. To attain a stable overclock, users need an effective way to prevent overheating. The RamTweak software allows enthusiasts to set a temperature warning alarm that will sound if one of the computer’s memory modules exceeds the maximum allowed temperature, indicating that further speed adjustment may be necessary.

The first product to support RamTweak real-time temperature monitoring is Transcend’s 4GB aXeRam DDR3-2400 dual-channel memory kit. The Intel XMP-certified kit contains two identically matched DDR3-2400 modules rated at a blazing-fast clock frequency of 2400 MHz with timings of 9-11-9-28 and an operating voltage of 1.65V, offering theoretical memory bandwidth up to an incredible 38.4GB/s. Support for more memory types will be added in the future.

An additional feature of the RamTweak software is its “SPD Info” tab, which is compatible with all Transcend aXeRam memory. By displaying the factory default information detected directly from the memory module, it enables users to better understand their system and fine-tune it to optimal performance. aXeRam users can download and install free RamTweak Memory Monitoring Tool from Transcend website.

All of Transcend’s DDR3 memory modules are backed by Transcend’s limited lifetime warranty, with unparalleled reliability for today’s desktops, laptops and workstations.



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