IBM add Optimized Analytics Systems to x86 Line

IBM today announced new models of its Smart Analytics System 5600, an integrated hardware, software and services package designed to help clients extract intelligence from information quickly and affordably.

The new IBM Smart Analytics System 5600 integrates IBM Infosphere Warehouse 9.7.2 and Cognos Business Intelligence software with the latest IBM System x, x86-based servers. The IBM Smart Analytics System 5600 is optimized for analytics workloads such as financial risk management, managing electronic medical records and retail marketing. It includes pre-tuned components to speed deployment. New software capabilities include the ability to mine both structured and unstructured information such as email, websites and blogs, to uncover hidden opportunities or provide customer behavioral analysis, for example.  A new control console allows the user to manage the system, rather than components.

The new IBM Smart Analytics System 5600 joins the Smart Analytics Solution 1050 and Smart Analytics Solution 2050 offerings on System x servers at prices starting at $50,000. These highly-tuned, optimized and integrated solutions can deliver analytics performance up to three times faster than previous systems and require up to 50% less storage delivering energy and space savings.

The Smart Analytics System 5600 is an expandable solution that allows customers to grow capacity by quickly adding optional software and hardware modules.



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