American Security Logistics to Power Vehicle Tracking Device on AT&T Wireless Network

Wirelessly enabled tracker offers cost effective solution to keep tabs on commercial and private vehicles, equipment through location based technology.

American Security Logistics (ASL) and emerging devices leader AT&T today announced the availability of a new wirelessly connected tracking device, called the IZZ, designed to keep tabs on vehicles and equipment using data delivered across AT&T’s wireless network.

The IZZ device responds real-time to requests to locate commercial or privately owned vehicles and equipment, and is also capable of facilitating emergency response with 911 services. Installed in a concealed location, the tracking device includes a battery that continues to function when the power source is cut.  The IZZ will retail for $ 289.00. Customers are charged for data location and recovery only when the location services are required, meaning no monthly recurring charges.

To support the device, ASL has also launched an Emergency Response Center (ERC) which provides relevant location information to a vehicle’s owner upon request, using spatial data and location based services.  Vehicle and equipment owners also have the option to establish customizable footprints and request automatic alerts if property leaves a pre-established boundary.  

“This technology will change the game when it comes to monitoring the location of or facilitating the recovery of lost or stolen vehicles and equipment,” said David Yoder, CEO, American Security Logistics. “Until now, the ongoing monthly cost of this type of service has been too prohibitive for most property owners, but with our process there is no monthly service charge. The customer is only charged if and when the service is used. The recovery of lost or stolen vehicles can potentially save the consumer on insurance costs, as well provide peace of mind.”

ASL developed the IZZ in association with Enviromatix, Inc.  ASL’s Emergency Response Center Staff are trained to help locate lost property and assist in the recovery by using software integrated with a national GPS 911 system. The device transmits location data across AT&T’s wireless network, providing both the property owner and local law enforcement with timely data. In addition, a unique URL can be forwarded to local law enforcement so they may track stolen property in real-time.

“This is a great solution for property owners who need to monitor vehicles or equipment throughout the transit process,” said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, AT&T. “Imagine an automotive manufacturer ships a fleet of vehicles to a dealership, and in the process one goes missing. Equipped with an IZZ, the manufacturer can track down and recover that missing vehicle.”

The IZZ is a durable and water resistant GPS/GSM/GPRS tracker and is easy to install. American Security Logistics will unveil the tracking device at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

It can be purchased from or through one of ASL’s nationwide distributors.

For more information, please visit  For more information on AT&T, please visit the AT&T Web site.



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