Konami’s Adrenalin Misfits Now Available Exclusively For Kinect For Xbox 360

All-New Original IP Features Realistic Crossboard Action With Kinect for Xbox 360.

KONAMI today announced that ADRENALIN MISFITS for Kinect for Xbox 360 is now available at retail outlets nationwide. ADRENALIN MISFITS is one of KONAMI’s first titles to utilize Microsoft’s controller-free technology, Kinect for Xbox 360, to bring interactive entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways, no controller required.

"In grasping onto the technology of Kinect for Xbox 360, KONAMI is once again a part of a huge evolution in the gaming world with an all new IP like ADRENALIN MISFITS," said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "With ADRENALIN MISFITS, we’ve combined an original action game with an all new way to playthat makes it easier than ever for gamers to master this unique take on a snowboard inspired game we call crossboarding. Gaming with your family and friends has never been more fun or interactive."

In ADRENALIN MISFITS, gamers become crossboard-riding experts that battle enemy monsters in eight different lands from all around the world including snowy mountains, triple cascades, stormy deserts, limestone caves, glacier lands, hollow caves and volcanoes. Crossboarding captures all the excitement of snowboarding, surfing and wake boarding all in one.  With the motion capture technology of Kinect for Xbox 360, players feel like they are riding a crossboard in the real world. Players will perfect their own unique boarding technique by using their bodies to produce real tricks; sliding and gliding in the air and on land just like the pros. With no controllers required, crossboarders can play as in-game monsters, original Avatars or their favorite Xbox 360 Avatar.

ADRENALIN MISFITS features a number of contests in either one-person challenges or two-person multiplayer competitions. Each pits gamers against their family and friends to see who has the best virtual crossboarding skills. Free Race enables gamers to race through the course to defeat an opponent or solo to beat their personal best time, while Downhill Slalom tests player’s agility as they pass through several gates on the course to beat their opponent or get the fastest time. Players will also earn a trick score as they execute jumps, nail rails and tricks in the Trick Score Mode. Other contests include Fly Distance, Balloon Buster, Stadium games, and more. Gamers can use their own special skills to collect and win more than 50 crossboards with incredible abilities.  There’s plenty of action packed gameplay and incredible diversity in contests, characters and customization, perfect for the whole family. In addition, downloadable content will be coming soon in the form of new crossboards, so stay tuned for more news coming soon.

ADRENALIN MISFITS is now available on Kinect for Xbox 360 for $49.99. For more information, please visit www.konami.com/adrenalinmisfits.



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