GeForce GT 540M Notebook GPU launched by Nvidia

NVIDIA introduced the GeForce GT 540M notebook GPU, the first GPU in
our GeForce 500M family of notebook GPUs. OEMs are launching these
Optimized notebooks with GeForce GT 540M GPUs and dual-core "Arrandale"
CPUs in order to hit mainstream price points sooner, ahead of Huron
River dual-core platforms that will not be released until later in 2011.
It is available immediately in China from Acer, and will be available
worldwide next month.

With GeForce GT 540M, we are taking an already proven
architecture and using the maturity of the manufacturing process to
create GPUs with higher clock settings while staying in the same power
envelope. As a result, the GeForce GT 540M delivers a significant
increase in fill-rate and memory bandwidth, which ultimately translates
to better overall performance.



GeForce GT 540M GPUs are DirectX 11 done right, and like all GeForce
GPUs, they support the differentiating features that set our GPUs apart
from the competition, including: NVIDIA Optimus technology, PhysX, 3D
Vision, 3DTV Play, CUDA, and Verde drivers to keep your notebook
optimized for tomorrow. 


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