Independent Vendor Launched Advanced AdWords Editor

Data shows that pay-per-click advertising is rapidly growing, despite of global economic problems. Google’s total advertising revenue in 2009 was more than 22 billion USD, and in 2010 it is expected to grow around 22% (Source: Google Investor Relations). With so much money in the market, numerous companies are showing up that are specialized in helping advertisers to spend their money wisely. Many companies offer outsourcing of pay-per-click campaign management (Source: However, there is a big shortage of quality tools for PPC marketing professionals. Marketing agencies need to manage large AdWords campaigns for multiple clients, and they want better GUIs to view, analyze and optimize huge amounts of AdWords data.

PPC Manager is an offline AdWords Editor, developed and maintained by ISV (Gemmeus d.o.o.). It promises to speed up PPC campaign management by offering some innovative features:

  •      Profitability and revenue calculation for AdWords keywords, ad groups, campaigns or ads.
  •      Grouping of keywords based on their similarity.
  •      Separation of statistically significant items and insignificant items.
  •      Bulk editing of group items.
  •      Filtering of items based on predefined or custom column filters.
  •      Multiple custom summaries (Sum, Avg, Min, Max) for multiple columns.
  •      Fast offline editing with advanced server synchronization.
  •      Undo/Revert of unwanted changes before posting to Google AdWords.


PPC Manager is currently an AdWords tool as it supports only Google AdWords system, but support for other pay-per-click systems (Yahoo SM, Microsoft adCenter) is planned for 2011. PPC Manager is in active development and promises many new features for easier management of PPC campaigns. With that features and support for other PPC systems, it has ambition to become universal PPC tool.

Gemmeus d.o.o. is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), not affiliated with any of the major players in PPC market (Google, Yahoo or Microsoft). Gemmeus also offers PPC Manager source code and is available for custom programming projects, therefore positioning itself as one-stop shop for PPC/AdWords solutions.


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