New James Bond Saga in development by Activision

With the recent success of GoldenEye 007 and Blood Stone, Activision might be tempted to exploit the new James Bond saga.
For now, the U.S. giant prefers not to discuss the issue prematurely. Others such as Hanjin Song, animator at Raven Software, have decided otherwise. The firm has effectively publish online a video about his work on several projects such as Singularity video game, an FPS you can not nag.

However, this video does not end with the latest production from Raven Software. In the latter, one can find excerpts from a new James Bond with it seems a chase in the Middle East. James Bond Blood Stone does not take place in any geographical area, confirming the thesis of a new album.

In addition, the title has a different game interface of the last component. One thing is certain, whatever happens Activision exploit the license, he who has the rights for another four years. This leaves plenty of time to develop several James Bond titles.

New James Bond Saga Video Trailer


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