Mass Effect 3 available next Christmas

Highly anticipated, the formalization of Mass Effect 3 has finally taken place to the delight of the players.
Bioware did not come empty handed to the AAG 2010, he was accompanied by a short but impressive trailer for one minute. Rather discrete in the second component, the Reapers will perform in this sequel to a comeback by attacking directly at the source of their problem, the Earth.

Because of its status and reputation spectrum with alien races, Commander Shepard will do everything possible to get the support of these races in order to neutralize it once and for all Reapers. These beings have only one goal, go and clean the entire galaxy of all life in a yet undetermined purpose.

The latest news, Bioware hopes to make Mass Effect 3 decidedly more RPG title, consisting of open fighting and varied opponents. Clearly, they simply want to improve the concept proposed by the previous two components, a resolutely ambitious goal.

Release date scheduled for the end of 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.



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