Rift: Planes of Telara highly-anticipated MMORPG to be launched worldwide in early 2011

QVS to distribute Trion’s MMORPG in in Australia and New Zealand.

Trion Worlds, a global developer and publisher of premium online games, announced today it has signed a multi-year agreement with QVS for retail distribution of Rift TM in Australia and New Zealand. The highly-anticipated MMORPG Rift is scheduled to launch worldwide in early 2011.

“We are excited to join forces with QVS to bring Rift to gamers throughout Australia and New Zealand,” said David Reid, SVP Publishing, Trion Worlds. “Working with QVS allows us to expand our commitment to deliver quality games to gamers worldwide.”

“We are very happy to be working with such an innovative company as Trion Worlds and are certain that the relationship will be a mutually successful one which we envisage will run well into the distant future“, said Paul Elliot – Managing Director, QV Software. “The excitement around Rift is well warranted and we cannot wait to deliver it to gamers around the region.”

Rift is the complete and full-featured MMO experience gamers have been waiting for. Adventure in the world of Telara as either a noble Guardian or technomagical Defiant and enter a dynamic fantasy where eight primal forces battle for control of an ever-changing landscape. Gamers can build their own class using the Ascended Soul system and embark on challenging quests to take your RPG experience to new heights of achievement and excitement.

Key Features:

• Full-Featured: Guilds, dungeons, raids, auctions, crafting, a vibrant economy, Player vs. Player combat, and more.

• Deeper Gameplay: New features like Guild Quests and Artifact Collections enhance gaming experience by giving gamers earned achievements that matter.

• Highly Accessible HD Graphics: Gamers can play a game that has stunning visuals on virtually any computer, even if their PC isn’t state-of-the-art.

• World as Your Adversary: Extra-planar creatures surge into the world from rifts, turning bastions of safety into frenzied battlefields. Defeat these monsters and earn unique rewards, or gamers can use them to their advantage by forcing enemies to engage them. The gamer’s choices impact others!

• 8 Primal Forces: Creatures from the Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, and Death planes battle for control of the world of Telara. Two warring factions—the Guardians and the Defiant—face off against each other and fight creatures from the planes as they seek to save the world.

• PvP Combat: Battle others in exhilarating Player vs. Player combat. Earn PvP ranks, titles, loot, and unique souls to further enhance each gamer’s character. Head to cross-server Warfronts and fight others in world PvP.

• Build Your Class: No other game lets gamers build their class the way Rift does. Gamers can specialize in a single class or pick and choose abilities from many to create a character uniquely suited to their play style—and have fun while they experiment.

• Choose Your Role: Each character can have up to four different roles, so gamers can choose different classes for every situation. They might have one for PvP and another for raids; or perhaps they want a high-damage or high-defense build. The choice is theirs to mix and match as they see fit.


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