HD voice calls for all iPhones and iPod Touches

Last week we saw the arrival of HD voice calls for Android phones.  Now Nimbuzz is bridging the gap and are launching HD voice calls for your iPhone/iPod! After serving 3.65 billion VoIP minutes since October 2009 they are introducing the next generation of Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls to the iOS family.

The new Nimbuzz 2.0.4 is available to download now [iTunes link].

The new version comes packed with:

  • HD voice call quality on Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls
  • Go Offline
  • New contact list and profile layout
  • Multiple contact sorting options
  • Stability improvements

Let’s explore the features in detail:

The new update allows you to make HD quality calls to your Nimbuzz friends that are also using an iPhone or iPod Touch (or iPad). It is possible due to our new peer to peer calling system which doesn’t route the call through our servers but makes a direct connection between the two mobile devices. Now your calls will be connected faster, the calling quality will be crystal clear, and the probability of dropped calls enormously reduced.

Nimbuzz auto-detects when you have a suitable connection (3G or WiFi) for HD calls and then displays an HD indicator in the calling screen in real time.

For now HD quality calls are available only for iPhone and Android users but we are working on making it available on  Symbian, PC and Mac as well.


We also added the long requested “Go offline” functionality so you can always be in charge of  your online presence. With Go Offline, you can use Nimbuzz without appearing online/away/busy to your friends. They will simply see you as offline.


A highly requested feature was to sort contacts by account and status. Well, it’s finally here so go ahead and sort as much as you desire.

On top of all that we have redesigned the contact list layout to improve usability. Now you will see the presence icons (available, busy, away) on the right side and the community icons are placed over the display images of your contacts, in the bottom left corner, which cleans up the interface.

We also fixed the annoying bugs you discovered. Thanks a lot for letting us know guys!!

Enough talk, it’s time to test the new app so get busy with it.



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