Silicon Image Introduced DTV Port Processor Portfolio with MHL Technology

Silicon Image, a developer of interoperable HD connectivity solutions for consumer electronics, announced the expansion of its growing Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) product portfolio with the addition of the SiI9387A MHL-enabled HDTV port processor.

HDTVs incorporating the SiI9387A connect MHL-enabled mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, to display up to 1080p HD video and digital audio content from the mobile device directly to the HDTV.

Silicon Image’s port processors are platforms for development that add the latest connectivity and performance features to HDTVs.

“The MHL technology in the SiI9387A port processor provides the mobile HD connectivity that consumers want, delivering digital HD quality, plug-and-play simplicity, and the ability to charge the phone while playing video,” said Alex Chervet, senior director of product marketing at Silicon Image.

The MHL specification, introduced in June 2010, is an HD video and digital audio interface optimized for connecting mobile phones and portable devices to HDTVs, displays and other home entertainment products. MHL technology features a single cable with a five-pin interface able to support up to 1080p HD video and digital audio while simultaneously providing power to the mobile device, and utilizing established connectors. MHL is the Agent for overseeing and administering the adoption, licensing, and promotion of the MHL Specification.

The MHL Specification was developed by Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba as a standard for mobile wired video/audio connectivity, which enables the development of standard-compliant mobile and display products across a broad connectivity ecosystem.


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