Flipboard Adds Flickr, Google Reader, Facebook Groups and Ability to Post Updates, Tweets and Photos

iPad App of the Year Adds Flickr, Google Reader, Facebook Groups and Ability to Post Updates, Tweets and Photos

Today, Flipboard™ released the latest edition of its popular social magazine for Apple’s® iPad™, taking the way people browse social content to the next level. Now, in addition to Facebook and Twitter, Flipboard’s readers can flip through photos and articles shared via Flickr and Google Reader as well as easily browse more of what these social networks have to offer including favorites, folders, groups, and friend lists. Users can now also post updates, tweets and photos from anywhere within the magazine. With these additions, Flipboard, recently named iPad app of the year by Apple, continues to transform the way people discover, browse, share content across their social networks.

“The people you’re connected to via your social networks are becoming curators of the news and information that matters to you, an important principle we are increasingly seeing in Flipboard,” said Mike McCue, founder and CEO at Flipboard. “Many of our readers use Google Reader and Flickr for news and photos curated by people they trust. The full integration of these social networks takes us another step toward realizing our vision of a social magazine that puts everything you care about in one place.”

New social content: Flickr, Google Reader, more of Facebook and Twitter

Flipboard users can now view content from Flickr and Google Reader, two of the most requested social networks by readers. In addition to viewing the content shared by all your friends and contacts for each of these popular communities, a user can also browse shared items, starred items and folders of RSS subscriptions in Google Reader or check out their favorites, groups and photostreams in Flickr.

Similarly, users can navigate to Facebook groups, fan pages, friends’ photos or friend lists in Flipboard’s social magazine style. And with Twitter, tap on the masthead to view favorite tweets, tweets that mention you or your public and private lists.

Post updates from anywhere, to any network

With this new edition, Flipboard goes beyond just the reading of social content by expanding the way users interact with tweets, articles, photos and other shared items. In addition to liking, commenting and retweeting, it’s now possible to post status updates, share photos and add comments from anywhere in Flipboard to post across social networks. Flipboard’s readers can easily share what they see in one social network with friends and followers in another. For example, if they see an interesting article on Twitter, they can post that story on their Facebook wall.

New ways to browse social content

The latest edition of Flipboard introduces fast switching between sections, browsing feeds and the ability to quickly add them to the table of contents. Just tap on a masthead from anywhere in the magazine and choose from a list of related features and recommended sections for quick viewing. This method of navigating feeds is a completely new way to browse social content; using related feeds and social curation instead of hyperlinks to go from one page to the next.

Faster to the full story

To give readers quicker access to the full story, Flipboard has eliminated the “read on web” button and now automatically loads the original web page, RSS feed or Flipboard Pages view of a story when a reader taps on an excerpt. Deeper integration with Flipboard Pages, a way to display web content in a magazine-style layout that Flipboard is currently testing with nine publishers that was recently announced, creates a beautiful, end-to-end reading experience.


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