Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Unpublished Information

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy is the new crossover from Square Enix coming to PSP, offering few new details on the presence of the world map in 3D.

After the first episode that was rather convincing for fans of the RPG, we will soon benefit from a series called Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Always exclusive to the PSP, this crossover features different characters of the thirteen aspects of the saga that offers us some additional details.

Unveiled a few days ago, Laguna Loire of Final Fantasy VIII is present in this suite, equipped with its machine gun. The freshly unpublished pictures (from the official site) show particular EX Burst attack. We also obtain information on the world map which will be present in the game, prior, its structure is similar to the first Final Fantasy on the NES, and is particularly dangerous. Indeed, the area is populated by creatures designed by Chaos, who is the final boss of this first installment of the saga. According to reports, the evolution in this 3D world map are based on the triggering mechanisms.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy is expected to be released in spring 2011 in Europe, exclusively on PSP.


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