Seoul-based developer Papa’s Frog Announced Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 for iPad

Seoul-based developer Papa’s Frog today announces the release of Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5. Created specifically for the iPad, this app represents a re-imagined and enhanced improvement on its predecessor of the same name. Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 is an interactive children’s storybook where young users actively participate throughout the story by drawing and completing various tasks to nurture Toto the Puppy back to health. This app is a perfect Christmas present for children this winter.

Seoul, Korea – Papa’s Frog, an emerging mobile developer currently focused on children’s entertainment, today announces the launch of Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 for the iPad in time for Christmas and the winter holidays. This app is an enhanced and endlessly more engrossing version of Helping Toto the Puppy. With its added breadth of features, this app is now more reminiscent of a multi-functional app bundle, rather than a single children’s app.

Taking all of the popular features included in the original Helping Toto the Puppy, this new incarnation expands on the original’s premise to include a fully functional ‘Page Coloring’ feature, as well as the addition of ‘Find the Hidden Cricket’, a new interaction previously absent from the app that will now be included on every page of this story. Young users will now also be able to create shortcuts to their favorite pages, allowing them to come back to their favorite scenes without the hassle of flipping through Toto’s virtual pages. Re-envisioned to give youthful users a completely new and more in-depth storytelling experience, Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 is the perfect solution to surprise your little loved ones this Christmas. Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 is currently available on the Apple App Store.

This app is structured as a children’s book with unique interactive twists on every page as well as a Coloring Feature to let children color in their favorite scenes from the story using the full featured set of included coloring tools at their disposal. Each interactive component calls for children to successfully complete a different action – or set of actions – in order to move foreword. A newly included interactive task called “Find the Hidden Cricket” is

also available as part of this revamp. This mini-game calls for users to discover where the cricket is hiding on every page in order to watch him dance and play his violin. The game itself focuses on various game elements that encourage children to take an active role helping to make Toto – the app’s central character – feel better. Because children are charged with tasks that necessitate problem solving this application effectively nurtures their cognitive development while entertaining them.

Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 is designed to be a kid- friendly entertainment solution for the iPad that gives parents peace of mind and ensures that their children will be thoroughly entertained and engaged by this comically educational interactive experience. Offering the entertainment value of multiple apps rolled into one, Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5′s interactive story is not its only fully rendered feature.

The app’s Page Coloring feature offers a full array of coloring tools, decorative stamps, and zoom features among others. Naturally, kids can share completed work with their friends and family via Twitter and Facebook. Every page of Helping Toto the Puppy is beautifully rendered in vibrant colors and professionally drawn. Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 utilizes the full extent of the iPad’s capabilities, taking advantage of its multi-touch, video, and microphone functionalities to provide young users with an unparalleled entertainment experience that is sure to perfectly compliment this holiday season if gifted.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 74.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Helping Toto the Puppy 1.5 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category.


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