Two New UPS Series in India Launched by Delta

Delta India, a world leading provider of advanced power solutions, launched two new UPS in India. The newly launched UPS are Amplon RT 5kVA, 6kVA and 10kVA rack units, and Agilon VX series. Amplon RT, the parallel redundant, single-phase UPS systems are specifically designed to protect mission critical information technology (IT) systems, telecommunications, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), network equipment and light industrial applications against costly damage from power failures and disturbances. Recognizing the individual needs, Delta VX UPS series offer the best value and availability UPS to prevent damage and data losses for your home offices and small businesses equipment caused by power fluctuations.

The Amplon RT’s leverage double conversion on-line topology ensures better filtering and more stable voltage to the load, and its genuinely parallel redundant system provides worry-free reliability. With an optimized 2U (5, 6kVA)/ 3U (10kVA) form factor in a solid enclosure, Delta’s Amplon RT is ideal for installation in a standard 19-inch rack space.

“With an output power factor of 0.9, the Amplon RT series delivers more real power. For instance, the capacity of the 5000VA circuit delivers a true 4500 watts of output power compared to competitive systems that typically supply only 3500 watts,” said Mr. Deepak Sharma, Director- Sales UPS, Delta Group. “The RT series not only delivers more wattage to protect more equipment, achieve economic benefits and but also guarantees a high level of reliable power to critical data center facilities.” He further adds.

Additional design features of the Amplon RT 5-10kVA includes:
– Wide input voltage to reduce battery discharge and prolong battery life.
– External battery pack for additional backup time can be added if needed.
– Maintenance bypass box that offers an easy and effective method for maintaining and testing the UPS.
– A user-friendly LCD display that supports multi-language with a blue backlight.
– A variety of peripherals and software that allow for remote monitoring and control of the UPS over an existing network or through a Web browser.

Deltas’ Agilon VX UPS series feature wide input voltage range, automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and user-friendly LED indicators. Extra-wide voltage range can supply sustainable utility power, even at lower or higher input voltage without transferring to battery mode. This valuable feature can protect and prolong the battery lifetime. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) ensures that all the electronic loads are receiving stable voltage by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery. The user-friendly LED indicators offer real-time diagnoses through which the users can check power and UPS status at a glance.

The Agilon VX600 series is available in India from Q4 2010 onwards. The Amplon RT 5-10kVA is currently available in Europe, the Middle East, India, China and South America.


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